Archery & Bowhunting Bow Sights

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A Bowhunting bow sight helps you improve accuracy and consistency in hitting the target even in unfavorable conditions, distances and elevation.  Hit your target accurately with Legend Archery’s line of top quality bow sights. Whether you are hunting or competing, our collections of the best bow sights will help you achieve only the best results.


Finding the best bow sights is now just a click away.


Customized For Your Convenience

Do you need a bow sight that can easily fit on your bow and help you improve your score? Our bow sights are designed keeping in mind the need for today’s archery demands and ever changing bow style. We carry a vast selection of fixed pin sights ranging from 4-pins to 5-pins sights offering you the customization you want for your shooting.


Our bow sights are custom designed for ready to use and mount straight out of the package.  Your bow is already heavy, our bow sights are lightweight and do not add any extra weight. They are highly adjustable, so you can set them according to your requirements. The sight light helps you see even better. With extra features like vibration dampers, a graduated elevation scale, a graduated windage scale, you can vastly improve your shooting accuracy and performance.


High Quality Products at the Lowest Prices

At Legend Archery, we believe in developing products that are wholeheartedly dedicated to archery. In our online store, you will only find the best bow sights, specifically designed for this purpose with materials that promise to last long.